Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MODOHome: Handmade Modern Furniture

MODOHome Special Offer
The first 10 people to respond will get special pricing on custom furniture.
Cost of furniture piece is material cost and shipping costs if applicable. Details: Furniture to be selected from MODOHome designs. Collaboration can be made on choice of material, finish, size, and color. Applicants to agree to promote MODOHome in extent agreed at commission of piece.

Contact Sophorn@ModoHome.com to enter or for further details.

Visit our website at www.modohome.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

30 Days of Hope Kick-Off Party at Sweet Bistro

You're invited to officially kick-off the 30 days of hope with us at Sweet Bistro at the Cooper-Young Night Out Thursday, April 2, 7 to 9 pm. Help me celebrate Cambodia and check out the auction items that include Cambodian fabrics, scarves, and skirts on display only on Thursday. Other auction items on display throughout the month are large photographs of Memphis and Cambodia among others and paintings from local Cooper-Young residents.

Come try the new menu and enjoy $3 off premium martinis voted #1 in Memphis and please spread the word.
Thank you Chef Paula for generously welcoming us to take over.
Photography of Cambodian children and graphics by Sophorn McRae

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Bistro: more than just sweets

Our favorite time to go eat out is after church on Sundays. We have heard about the Sunday brunch buffet at our neighborhood restaurant Sweet for quite a while and finally tried it this past Sunday. It was a beautiful display of gourmet creations from Alabama native Chef Paula Naumcheff.

The Bar Line-up Atticus takes a peek at the assortment.

Christopher's Plate It was cleaned 10 minutes later. Everything was delicious.

Assortment of flavored butters including peach, honey, and garlic chive.

Shown in photos above Fresh oranges dusted with powered sugar, grilled pineapple, macedonian salad with artichoke hearts and olives, and smoked salmon.

Of course, they also have desserts available the rest of the week. Blueberry Lemon Shortcake and Chocolate Snowball Cake shown above.
We also had bacon wrapped pork tenderloin, smoked gouda grits, roasted corn & green chile bread pudding (my favorite), and roasted asparagus. They also have a great dinner menu for the rest of the week that you can browse on their website http://www.sweetbistromemphis.com/menus.html
They were also voted for having the best martini in Memphis. Do not wait to try it.
Sweet Bistro and Dessertie
938 South Cooper, Memphis, TN 38104
ph 901.726.4300
f 901.726-4321
Photography by Sophorn McRae

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

inspired interiors: home of artists

What a treasure to find such inspiring work just down the street. Artists Amy and Terry Gower transformed an ordinary Cooper-Young home with its share of structural problems literally into a work of art.

Sunroom The south wall is covered entirely by rare vintage Elvis paneling from the '60s or '70s. The paneling was made in Memphis by a lumber company with the help of an artist. Amy and Terry found the paneling on the side of the road from a renovation project in Memphis. The copper and glass table was crafted by Terry.

Kitchen The kitchen ceiling is a remarkable display of contrasting materials. Terry calls the edging the Dr. Suess beam. In the background leading to the dining room, there is a custom shutter of copper piping, chandelier glass, and glazed wood circles {the close-up in seen in the header}. You will also see a small peak of the circle curtains Amy made and wrote about in her book The Story of the Circle Curtains. Sorry Amy I haven't gotten a good shot yet.

Upstairs reading room and bedroom walls Walls as canvas. I have seen other examples of "tattooing" the walls and still looking to try it on my walls at home.

Upstairs sleeping nook and handmade curtain Amy made the curtain {right photo} from tablecloth material.
Bathroom Antique furniture reused as a bathroom vanity. The wood also adds warmth and color within a white field. This idea is going in my design notebook.
They are getting ready to move on to their next residential adventure and possibly sell this work of art.

Want to know more?
Contact Amy or Terry
ph 901.233.9185 or 731.460.1867
Cooper-Young: 1831 Oliver, Memphis, TN
FYI Amy and Terry are donating a couple pieces of art to the 30 days of hope auction.

Photography by Sophorn McRae

Monday, March 23, 2009

30 days of hope : auction item sneak peek

Auction item donated by talented photographer Katherine Slingluff
Schoolhouse Series #3 {Taken in New Orleans, 2004}
Edition 2 of 25, Giclee Print, Signed by artist, Retails at $375.00
Size: 15"x15"

Katherine's work can be seen in design magazine spreads of some high end interiors but this photograph is part of her gallery work of not so high end interiors but much more interesting photographs. She currently resides in New York City with her husband Andy and new baby girl Maggie. Visit her website http://www.slingluffphoto.com/

Other items in auction include paintings, large print photography, Cambodian made items such as fabric, silk scarves, and traditional skirts. Auction to begin near the middle of April. Check in later this week to get further details on auction items on display.

Please contact me right away at sophorn@hotmail.com to donate any of your art or valuables.

design showcase :: denovo style

Welcome to the first posting in a series that spotlights a favorite designer and their work. DeNovo Style is a Memphis based clothing line that focuses on '30s and '40s vintage inspired coats and jackets. The collection also includes a unique take on scarves. DeNovo means to begin again; take a concept and recreate it. And that is exactly what designer Elizabeth does.

I discovered Elizabeth's talent when my son Atticus went over for a playdate with their oldest son Ben. She was kind enough to show me her studio located in her home on the second floor which is essential to her dedication as a stay-at-home mom.

Although she has many coats in her collection, she has added some spring tops and will soon add other spring items such as dresses and skirts.

You will also notice the charm of her pieces are in part to her choice of fabrics and modern details. Her collection is available for purchase on her etsy shop {link below}. Browse her collection today.

DeNovo Style
Based in Cooper-Young, Memphis, TN
Shop online at
http://www.denovostyle.etsy.com/ You can also click on the link on the sidebar featuring one of my favorite coats: the coach coat.

Contact by email eh@denovostyle.com

Photography by Sophorn McRae

Camera Hogs

I just asked for a simple side by side pose. What resulted was a competition for stealing the shot. Atticus started the upstaging. Ben was not to be denied his proper place in the shot. It was a chair scooting frenzy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

humor in art

Discovered artist: Oliver Jeffers http://www.oliverjeffers.com/
Photo of piece above entitled The Song Writing Machine

changed my world: music

When I wrote the list of things that changed my world, I started rediscovering the songs that made my life during high school so much more bearable. Enjoy the featured playlist: " High School Saviors" in somewhat chronological order of when I heard them. Comment on your favorites of this era.

I had been isolated and listening to pop stations until I heard Weezer's blue album that Chris, a guy I carpooled with on a school trip, played.
my resource site: www.90srockers.com

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

slick portfolio idea

Discovered: If you don't have a website to display an online portfolio, you can publish it in a knock-out presentation through http://issuu.com/ I showed our intern architect John at Formus about it and the next day he had his portfolio online. See his at http://issuu.com/jem049/docs/tt1

There are also other cool magazines and catalogs that are published there. The magazine style browsing tool is just killer. Above is a favorite design magazine published on issuu. http://issuu.com/shibo/docs/dl15

Monday, March 16, 2009

Slumdog debuts the small screen

It's official. The poll results say Slumdog Millionaire will even satisfy the likes of Sid.

Not sure if there is still a screening near you but the dvd releases on March 31. Pre-order your copy today. There are great bargains even with a pre-order. Here's the deal I found through Bargainz Central: $16.99.

It's been on my Netflix Que since February. The song on the top of the playlist for 3.17.09 is MIA's Paper Planes from this movie.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

FCC Missions Cambodia - Vision

Here is a more detailed description of the church and the mission trip that the fundraisers will support. In light of the 30 year anniversary, I believe the first goal listed below of reaching out to former Khmer Rouge villages is the most poetic. If you at all interested in going on the mission trip, please contact Pastor Chamron. Even if you don't go, but volunteer or donate to this cause, you essentially are a vital part of our mission team.

First Covenant Church Associate Pastor Chamron Phal, a survivor of the Killing Fields, has led a team to Cambodia every summer for the last 15 years. The 17 day trip includes:
  • Reaching out to former Khmer Rouge Communist villages
  • Humanitarian aid: distribution of rice, clothes, eyeglasses, medicines, school supplies, and build shelter for the homeless and needy
  • Leadership training for local churches in remote villages
  • Medical care to the sick and poor
  • Help to complete a building project
  • Micro business development
  • Indigenous church planting support
  • Evangelism outreach to children, youth, and adults and baptizing new followers of Christ

Contact: chamronp31@hotmail.com 4000 Redwood Road, Oakland, CA 94619 ph 510.531.5244 x207

Photo Caption: Cambodian "Home Depot", Battambang, Cambodia ~ December 2005 ~ Photo by Sophorn McRae

ear "treasures"

I am starting a second music player to play songs I just can't get out of my head but are not "earworms" that are annoying but more like ear "treasures" that I wish I could remember all the lyrics to or play on my keyboard. Hope they are treasures to you too. The playlist will build everytime I add a song just in case you miss a day.

The song for today is La La La La La by boy eats drum machine.
This is the intro song to the latest mix (2.28.09) from JeffMix Industries. The music, its sounds and beats, are just refreshing.

The song from 3.11.09 is Mexico by Jump Little Children.
This song is one of Zack Braff's 5 song selections for KCRW's Guest DJ Project. The band was one of the most recommended bands on Zach's myspace page. The band has broken up but the lead singer Jay Clifford has released a solo album Driving Blind.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

30 days of hope: how you can help

Thank you all for the positive response I've received. Here are the ideas so far on the events for the 30 days of hope to reach our goal of awareness of Cambodia's past, present, and future and to raise funds to make a hopeful future. Funds will support the mission work of FCC Missions Cambodia this year which my dad is hoping to participate in.
  • 30 postings (one post a day) from Cambodians and non-Cambodian volunteers that give their personal story or share a topic on Cambodia's history or culture. Need volunteers to research, write, or find links to post.
  • Kick-off Party April 2: Part of Cooper-Young Night Out where you can view auction items in person.
  • Cambodian New Year-April 12-14 celebration
  • Online auction: need volunteers to either request auction items or make/donate your own pieces
  • Speaking engagement with "How they killed my father" author Loung Ung: Unable to schedule her for April but one of the 30 postings will be about this book. She is currently busy working on a new book.
  • Viewing of the movie "The Killing Fields": Need a another movie about more current Cambodian topic.
  • Benefit concert to close the 30 days - Thursday, April 30 at Nocturnal a.k.a. formerly the Antenna Club, Madison Ave, Memphis, TN: Need musicians of all musical backgrounds to contribute their talent in performing.
Photo caption: The motorbike is a very common way to travel in Cambodia. How many people can you fit on a motorbike? Battambang, Cambodia ~ December 2005 ~ Photo by Sophorn McRae

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

30 Days Marks 30 Years

In 30 more days I celebrate 30 years of my life, which began in Cambodia the same year the reign of Pol Pot ended. Makes me emotional to think that after so many people died unjustly, I was born. And from that, I know I am blessed. Earlier this year many Cambodians celebrated this end of brutality as a mark of hope and redemption~ again, out of tragedy rises hope; and so I guess I'm celebrating with the same idea in mind.

This April, I am starting an awareness of what struggles Cambodians still face 30 years later with 30 Days of Hope, a rally to raise funds and supplies for a mission trip to provide hope to Cambodia, a trip my dad passionately spoke about and hopefully can participate in this May. We are looking to close the 30 days with a benefit concert in Memphis, so please start thinking about ways you can help. Auctions, donation parties, etc. Email me at sophorn@hotmail.com.

The music playlist is a miniature soundtrack for the un-made movie about my family's journey from Cambodia. This is dedicated to my amazing parents and those going through a recent tragedy. Ordinary people become extraordinary. Death does not defeat.

a no-brainer: Slumdog Millionaire is a must-see

and I actually think Sid, someone who only watches light, no-brainers, might like it. So begins the idea for the next poll: Would Sid, someone who only watches light, no-brainers enjoy watching Slumdog Millionaire?
If the results show yes as the majority, then Sid, you must see it.
I will refund you the ticket price if you don't like it.

Here is a list of his favorite movies to help you decide.
  • Pretty Woman
  • You've Got Mail
  • Australia
  • Mama Mia
  • Scent of a Woman (the tango scene> especially)
  • The Quiet Man
Here are a couple reasons why I would vote yes.
  • You absolutely leave the theater with the most amazing feeling of love, joy, and inspiration. That's why it keeps winning the audience awards.
  • Even though there are some brutal scenes, these scenes are what help create such a triumphant ending. Out of tragedy rises triumph and hope.

a movie list for those who like no-brainers

This list is especially created for my father-in-law Sid, who will only watch no-brainers.
His definition of a no-brainer is "light in content, happy ending with a good mood leaving the theater, and
99% of the time they are girlie movies." In other words, Sid loves watching chic flicks! :) Love you, Sid.

Sid, here are my favorites listed in reverse order that I know you will love.

10. My Best Friend's Wedding
9. 27 Dresses
8. 13 going on 30
7. Legally Blonde
6. Just Like Heaven
5. Hitch
4. The Holiday
3. French Kiss
2b. Music and Lyrics
2a. Fever Pitch
2. 50 First Dates
1. When Harry Met Sally

I had to make an addendum to my list. I think Drew Barrymore [who i love] is now officially the queen of chic flicks.
Thanks Rosalyn for helping correspond the info.
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