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If musicians were architects.

To build a home playlist is essentially a kit, that when assembled, creates a home, a place that only musicians can create. I hope you listen in its entirety to complete your personal home.
Dedicated to my family and friends but particularly to my architecture and design community changing the world by designing a better place.

Playlist selection notes
I chose the more mellow Jack Jackson version of "With my own two hands" rather than Ben Harper's (although still very good) in honor of Atticus. This version is in one of his favorite movies, Curious George.

I wanted to put a boom, boom song for the bedroom phase, but I couldn't find the one I liked: Bedroom by Joe. I couldn't find the artist for "Bedroom Walls" but if you know, please comment.

Other songs that did not make it to the final list but are worth checking are:

  1. at my front door, the el dorados

  2. living room, tegan and sara

  3. rockin chair, gwen mcrae

  4. the robots in my bedroom were playing arena rock, softlighters (Christopher thinks this is the funniest name ever for a song.)

  5. in my bedroom, b5

  6. World Inside My Bedroom, Eiffel 65

  7. bedroom blues, joe pullum/andy boy

  8. one bedroom, troy charles

  9. waiting on the stairs, pela

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