Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Taste of Tart

One of my favorite new places. You'll fall in love too. Read my previous feature on Tart and owners Heather and Abby here.

Photo and graphics by Sophorn. Tart on Urbanspoon

bleu Spring/Summer Menu

bleu restaurant and Executive Chef Kevin Rains introduced the spring/summer menu near the end of April, but well into the summer I'm still craving everything I tasted. Dishes were seasonally highlighted with oranges, cherries, melon, blackberries and peaches. Flavors melded so well together there seemed to be no ingredient out of place.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Logo and Graphics - 2014 AIA Tennessee Convention

Here's a look at the recent logo development I created for this year's AIA Tennessee Convention around the theme of architecture as transformation. The first image is a final set of studies that all try to convey the idea of shaping and transforming. The second image is the unfolded cover of the marketing mailer using a collage of images of Tennessee cities.

The convention is also a celebration of the power of architecture around the state of Tennessee which inspired me to do the series below. Finding the right view of each city was a challenge to create the effect of floating text. If you have a good one you'd like to send me especially of Knoxville, let me know.

I also helped write the promotional copy below:

There is transformative power in thoughtful design. Design and architecture, with little doubt, physically changes a place, but when the profession recognizes the opportunity to inspire people through our design, a place can truly be transformed. This year, we recognize a call to action for all designers, from emerging professionals to seasoned architects - a call to DESIGN. INSPIRE. TRANSFORM.

If you look closely, our convention logo embodies this call to action. The cool blue representing the emerging professionals brand transitioning to the noticeably distinct red of our AIA logo. The letters ofTransform are discovered underneath the acts of Design and the acts to Inspire. Slowly formed from left to right to fully developed shapes. 

Join us as we recognize that the power of design serves a greater purpose when we 

The AIA TN Convention and Expo is July 30th to August 1st in Nashville at the Music City Center. There is an amazing set of speakers again this year. Click here to read more about the speakers, the tours offered, and how to register.

Thanks to Sardor Umarov for use of his Memphis image taken from the Exchange Building. Other photos were stock images via AIA TN.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Yeah! Burger & Jeni's Ice Cream - Westside Provisions

Yeah! Burger - genius branding.

For a kid who will not eat burgers, he insisted that our Sunday brunch must be here, only after seeing the Yeah! Burger sign and catching a glimpse of the cartooned wallpaper. I also keep in mind for future graphics to never underestimate the power of the exclamation point. It surely set a happy tone no matter what we were eating. With the extensive options of burgers from vegan to turkey to bison, what does Atticus order in a burger joint but chicken tenders.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tasted { Cafe Keough }

I've tasted Cafe Keough quite a few times since they opened downtown several months ago. Partly because they are just a couple blocks from the LRK office, but mostly because the great food and atmosphere makes me think for a moment that I'm in a quaint cafe somewhere in France. Cafe Keough was a name I made sure to pronounce correctly (pronounced key-oh) since I knew I would frequently mention it in conversations. 

"A good place to eat lunch?"  
"Cafe Keough is a must," I'd reply.

"Breakfast downtown?"
"Cafe Keough." 

"Any cool places in Memphis?"
"Cafe Keough. For lunch, breakfast, coffee or espresso. Or if you just want a lovely place to be, go there."

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