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changed my world: music

When I wrote the list of things that changed my world, I started rediscovering the songs that made my life during high school so much more bearable. Enjoy the featured playlist: " High School Saviors" in somewhat chronological order of when I heard them. Comment on your favorites of this era.

I had been isolated and listening to pop stations until I heard Weezer's blue album that Chris, a guy I carpooled with on a school trip, played.
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  1. hey I love the playlist! it brings me back to high school too oddly enough. i probably only listened to it because you were listening to it. thanks for being so cool. it's a lot better than the c+c music factory tape sophea was listening to when we lived on pine street.

  2. lol. the c+c music factory tape was mine and I loved it. the only reason I stopped playing it was it was loaned out for a dance party and it got lost. "baby got back" was what i remember sophea playing a lot.

    thanks john.


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