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a movie list for those who like no-brainers

This list is especially created for my father-in-law Sid, who will only watch no-brainers.
His definition of a no-brainer is "light in content, happy ending with a good mood leaving the theater, and
99% of the time they are girlie movies." In other words, Sid loves watching chic flicks! :) Love you, Sid.

Sid, here are my favorites listed in reverse order that I know you will love.

10. My Best Friend's Wedding
9. 27 Dresses
8. 13 going on 30
7. Legally Blonde
6. Just Like Heaven
5. Hitch
4. The Holiday
3. French Kiss
2b. Music and Lyrics
2a. Fever Pitch
2. 50 First Dates
1. When Harry Met Sally

I had to make an addendum to my list. I think Drew Barrymore [who i love] is now officially the queen of chic flicks.
Thanks Rosalyn for helping correspond the info.

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