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30 days of hope: auction spotlight

{“death valley”, New Mexico, 16” x 24” color print framed, by Memphis photographer Robin Tucker, Retail Value $500 and Min. Bid $150}
I wanted to spotlight a special item and give you more information on the photographer while the auction items are being collected and being organized for the official bids to hopefully pour in April 15th.
Robin Tucker is a creative soul who makes cutting hair an art form. Her photography extends her vision in a different medium but is nonetheless full of real and raw talent. She believes in capturing her images on film not digitally to let the material nature and process of a film add to the texture and color. Notably, her photographs have been in movie scenes of such films as Babel and more recently The Reader.
I hope you take the opportunity of possibly snagging a great piece for your collection.
You can see this framed photograph at Sweet Bistro, 938 S. Cooper, Cooper-Young. See more of her work at http://www.robintuckerstudio.com/ under flicks.

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