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A Cambodian-American Perspective

{Grant, third grader, born in America to Cambodian survivors of the Killing Fields}

Welcome today's guest contributor Grant, my cousin who I think is only 9, talks about his understanding of Cambodia.

I did not correct his writing in any way in order to not take away from his point of view.
As a Cambodian American boy, I know very little about my parents culture and tradition. I speak very few words in Kmere such as: nham buy in English means eat rice, ngut tek means take shower. When I didn't finished my foods, my dad always reminded me something about how poor kids in Cambodia have very little to eat. Most the time, they went to sleep still hungry. They didn't have a chance to go to school to learn because their parents could not afford. Born here in America, I feel very lucky which my parents name me in Kmere-Somnang means lucky; but I feel very sad for the kids who live in Cambodia.

Thanks Grant and I do hope you grow up to be successful even if it's not becoming a doctor.

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