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Khmer Cuisine

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Cuisine: Interesting Facts
Over the centuries, Khmer cooking has been enriched by its contact with various countries. China brought steam cooking, the use of soy sauce and noodles, India contributed curry. From these multiple influences, Khmer cuisine took on a unique diversity. Thus you will find a surprising and enchanting blend of flavors: sweet, salty, bitter and sour exist side by side in harmony, sometimes even within a single dish, to offer a most original melody.

Khmer recipes go back to the days before the introduction of the chilli, so are consequently much milder than most Asian food. The chilli was unknown in Asia until the 16th century when it arrived with the Portuguese. Cambodian cuisine contains very little fat, making it one of the world’s healthiest cuisines.” As you can see our menu below, lots of vegetables, herbs and fish.

Common Ingredients
Rice, fish, fermented fish paste called "prahok", fish sauce, coconut milk, tamarind {common soup base}, lemongrass, basil, lime leaves, ginger and garlic. You can read more here.

Personal Favorites

{Baanh Chaev: Cambodian Crepe filled with pork and sometimes shrimp served with fresh vegetables and sweet and sour sauce based with fish sauce.}

Resources for Cambodian food and recipes

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