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Living in Cambodia: Part 2

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Welcome today's guest contributor Maddy, Daly's friend who also grew up in Cambodia and is a high school student there. Her dad is in the government and her mom also works in a company. Below she answers the same questions posed to Daly about her thoughts on living in Cambodia. {She requested her photo not be posted.}

Describe your typical week.
My typical week is just school and hanging out with friends.

What are you studying and why?
I don't have a major yet.

Will you stay in Cambodia to work or continue your education?
I will continue into college after high school here. I was thinking of continuing high school in USA.

What other places are you looking to live?
I might also want to live in USA when I grow up.

What is it like being a woman in the work or school environment? Do you think you are treated equally to men?
I think I am treated equally towards other students doesn't matter the gender or race.

What is your knowledge of the Khmer Rouge history and the Khmer Rouge trial happening right now?
I know quite a bit about the history as my parents use to talk about it and also I have learned about it in school before. I know there is a trial going on but I don't know how it is coming out.

Would you be a different person if you grew up in a Western country such as the U.S. instead of Cambodia?
I think I might be different as in expressing myself and also emotional issues.

Do you find that it is hard to succeed in Cambodia when you are raised in a place or family of little money?
I think it is hard because very few of those that were raised in a family with little money actually succeed and have a good future.

Do you have anything else about Cambodia that you want people to know that you don't think they already do?
ummm...I think they should know that we a very good people and that most of us have a patient heart to make things better for our lives and others too.

Thanks Maddy!

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