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Living In Cambodia: Part 3

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Welcome today's guest contributor Lyda, Daly's friend who also grew up in Cambodia with both parents in the business world. Below she answers the same questions posed to Daly about her thoughts on living in Cambodia and she doesn't hold back.

Describe your typical week.
School - gym - homework - friends.

What are you studying and why?
Singapore American school because it has one of the best AP art programs and it's awesome.

Will you stay in Cambodia to work or continue your education?
I will definitely stay in Cambodia once I’m done with school.

What other places are you looking to live?
I don't want to live anywhere else permanently.

What is it like being a woman in the work or school environment? Do you think you are treated equally to men?
In my school, women are treated equal. In Cambodia however, men are still viewed as being superior to women, which is ridiculous because most Cambodian men are a bunch of ugly pig-headed idiots.

What is your knowledge of the Khmer Rouge history and the Khmer Rouge trial happening right now?
I don't know much about the Khmer Rouge, just stories told by my grandmother.

Would you be a different person if you grew up in a Western country such as the U.S. instead of Cambodia?
Yes, I think my morale would be entirely different if I was brought up in a western country.

Do you find that it is hard to succeed in Cambodia when you are raised in a place or family of little money?
It is almost impossible to succeed if your family has no money or connections in Cambodia. Scholarships are available but not sufficient and scholastics tests are unfair because our education system is corrupt.

Do you have anything else about Cambodia that you want people to know that you don't think they already do?
CAMBODIANS ARE SEXY BEASTS!!!! haha. oh and we're not Thai's or Vietnamese for God's sake.


Thanks Lyda!

If you have other questions you would like to ask, post them in the comments or email me at sophorn@hotmail.com.

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