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Memphis International Film Festival: Movie Spotlight

The Memphis International Film Festival is next week April 23-26.
I am definitely not going to miss seeing Skiptracers.
The main reason is that the movie features a Dothan, Alabama native Andy Stuckey who contributes as a writer, producer, and actor in the film. The story takes place in the south and as I grew up in that area, I am intrigued. The atypical collection of characters which reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movies "Napoleon Dynamite" has also piqued my interest. I will do a future posting on details of the movie and hopefully featuring an interview with Andy.
See Skiptracers at
The Memphis International Film Festival
Malco Ridgeway Four ~ Malco 2
Saturday, April 25, 5:00 pm
Tickets available now through the website.
Movie Links
2 minute trailer
Skiptracers Audition: A look at a casting session
The making of the Soundtrack with the band Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles
70 second Teaser


  1. andy is from my hometown and actually married my cousin, so i guess we are family? i am a big fan of his first movie, "mullet men"


    it is a documentary of a fellow from NY city who heads down to the alabama coast to participate in a mullet(the fish) throwing competition. for a first attempt at a movie it is quite funny and very well done. definately worth a look. the fish throwing practice in central park is absolutely worth the price of the movie. very funny stuff.

    i can't wait to see his next narative feature.

  2. THE MUSIC was hosted by the Memphis Songwriters Association and provided by local area songwriters & musicians. The music component added to the movie going experience at the On Location: Memphis 10th Annual international film festival.

    This was the first year attempt to provide music and encourage filmakers and musicians to network and work toward future collaborations.

    The Memphis Songwriters, Musicians & friends devoted their time to seeing music was a constant element of the festival starting Thursday and ending Saturday.

    To all the musicians & friends that volunteered their time and beautiful music we are greatly appreciative.

    A very special thank you to our hard working sound crew (Sound donated by Belo & Beez "The Sound Team").

    We hope to continue to improve and refine the musical component of the festival in the years to come.

    Great job On Location: Memphis!!!!


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