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Memphis Weekend Wrap-up

Friday, April 24 / South Main Trolley and Arts Tour / Last Friday of Every Month

Memphis' 3rd Annual Zombie Walk : Hundreds of zombies made their way down South Main early in the evening. Some were scary but some politely asked if we had brains to spare. Atticus and I gave the "zombie golfer" the most creative award. Strangely, his love for zombies is up there with candy and stuffed animals. Christopher is explaining to those watching with us that this is an international thing. I looked up the website to find the answer to the question first-timers repeatedly asked us, "What's up with the zombies?" but didn't find much on the origin. Click here to read more and see a video. Visit the zombie walk website here.
Pearl's Oyster House is one of our favorite seafood restaurants in Memphis. We had the grilled tilapia with a delicious tangy sauce.
299 South Main Street, Memphis, TN 38103
Tel +1.901.522.9070
Visit website here.

Breaking Ground Exhibit at "on the street" features works by Memphis College of Art MFA candidates Danita Barrentine and Ben Utigard on view until May 9. Atticus is studying the aluminum can art right before he touches one of the can bottoms. "on the street" gallery is located at 338 South Main, immediately west of the venerable Raiford's Lounge. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday, 4 to 9 pm, and Saturday, noon to 5 pm. All events are free and open to the public.
Saturday, April 25 / Skiptracers / Memphis Int'l Film Festival

Skiptracers was such an unforgettable comedy with characters such as Rusty McAndrews played by Dothan, Alabama native Andy Stuckey stealing every scene he was in. The movie is the screen debut for Porter Harris who grew up in Memphis {as Harrison Ford} but uses a screen name as to not confuse himself with the other Harrison Ford. He played a tender at heart bounty hunter {in right photo on left}. He flew down from New York to attend the screening and even took the time to talk to me, Christopher and his brother Charles about filming in Dothan and even remembering their mom Rosalyn who helped with the set. We were glad to support him and Andy and enjoy a great film in the process. Visit Skiptracers website here.
Sunday, April 26 / Books and Brunch / Women in Architecture

The Women in Architecture hosted their bi-monthly social at Just For Lunch at Chickasaw Oaks to bring in donations for the University of Memphis Architecture Program Library. Contact AIA Memphis if you would to donate money or books at info@aiamemphis.org. I sat next to Sherry Bryan, director of the U of M architecture program, so I found out that they would love to have some guest jurors for final presentations happening this week and next. Email me at sophorn@hotmail.com if you {an architect, interior designer or maybe even an artist} are interested in critiquing. Visit the U of M Architecture website here. Visit Just For Lunch at 3092 Poplar, Suite 11, Tel +1.901.323.3287.


  1. i had 2 favorite zombie walk moments:

    1. the very polite zombie apologetically asking if we had "any brains to spare?"

    2. the zombie anonymous (ZA) counselor trying to cure the zombies.

  2. Oh I picked up a sticker from the ZA counselor that says "My zombie ate your honor student. Who's got the brains now?" His website is brentdiggs.com/zombies

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