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In the Midnight by Langhorne Slim from the 2005 album, When the Sun's Gone Down

While I was researching the movie Skiptracers and its great soundtrack, I fell in love with the fast-picking acoustic sound of Langhorne Slim. I listened to all his songs I could find and listened to "In the Midnight" over and over.

Langhorne Slim and his band the War Eagles consists of Jeff Ratner on up-right bass and Malachi DeLorenzo on drums. They were involved in creating the soundtrack for the indie movie Skiptracers very early on. Read more on their involvement in a posting later today that features an interview with the main brains behind the movie Harris Mendheim {director/ cast - Chunt} and Andy Stuckey {Producer / Cast- Rusty McAndrews/ Writer}. Oh by the way, just in case you were curious, the War Eagles are not from Auburn.
I had to ask since I graduated from Auburn, War Eagle!

The making of the Skiptracers soundtrack with the band Langhorne Slim and the War Eagles. Watch video here.
Review of When the Sun's Gone Down. Read article here.
Buy the album here.
Langhorne Slim MySpace

Other artists from the movie soundtrack to discover: The Defibulators and Justin Johnson.
Soundtrack will soon be available for purchase.

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