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Billie Worley's Youngest Fan

So Atticus is a little too young to be a fan of Memphis band Billie Worley and the Candy Company, but he is a fan of Mr. Billie who gave him a specially-made moustache like the one he wears on stage. Atticus just loves it. I told Billie that Atticus was in a bad mood before putting on the moustache but I didn't mention there was a candy bribe involved. It was still the moustache that made my mom and I laugh and eventually put the huge smile on his face though. Thanks Billie! Maybe you can combine the Candy Company theme with the moustache and create a line of black licorice moustaches. That would put an even bigger smile on Atticus' face.

Billie Worley and the Candy Company
Upcoming Show
May 29, 2009 ~ 9:00 pm
Neil's at Madison and McLean

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