Friday, May 29, 2009

The Man Behind Coconut Records

Coconut Records is the solo project of well-known indie actor Jason Schwartzman. You may have seen him in several Wes Anderson films such as Rushmore and The Darjeeling Limited. I fell in love with the band before making this delightful discovery. Unlike most actors that think they can start a band, Jason was in the band Phantom Planet before beginning his acting career. His brother is also in a band called Rooney.

The Summer ~ the song for today is from his second album Davy. Click image to order.
Summer Day ~ the bonus song is from the first album Nighttiming. It was featured on the Dentyne "make face time" commercial. Kirsten Dunst is singing background vocals.
West Coast ~ a previous song of the day. Great, great song.

Photos from Young Baby Records and Last.FM


John Kuoy said...

good find, i wonder what his connection is to alabama given he was inspired enough to mention it in "the summer". have you checked out broken social scene?

Sophorn said...

I have listened to several songs from broken social scene but haven't found a great one yet but let me know what song you would suggest.

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