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Best of Neocon 2009: Expandable Walls and Seating

Welcome to the first posting of my Best of Neocon 2009 series after attending the show last week in Chicago. One of the more material and space conscious designs comes from the Canadian company Molo Design.

Previous Molo exhibit showing the modular wall, furniture, and lighting system from the soft collection.

The ability to collapse, move, and create new spaces on the fly plus its simplicity caught my attention especially for retail spaces, exhibits, public spaces and even residences particularly apartments.

Softwall shown above in translucent white and opaque black.

Materials Two materials are available – textile and kraft paper.

The textile is a 100% polyethylene non-woven textile with a lightweight paper-like look and feel. The textile is highly tear, UV and water resistant; thus making it durable to handle and maintain. Available in translucent white and opaque black.

The kraft paper is an unbleached paper made with 50% recycled fibre and 50% new long fibre. The new long fibres give strength, reinforcing the smaller recycled fibre to make a stiff robust paper. Available in opaque natural unbleached brown and a deep black that has been dyed with bamboo charcoal ink.

Softwall shown above with integrated LED lighting system.
Softblock modular system shown above in natural unbleached brown.

All elements in the softwall + softblock modular system connect together with concealed magnets seamlessly.

Softseating is shown stored on shelves in collapsible form and in a couple of many possibilities for seating configurations.

Available in natural brown, white, and black. Since it is made from 100% polyethylene, it is suited for outdoor use. It is also flame retardant.

Close-up showing structure of the softwall + softblock modular system, circular softseating, and close-up of softseating showing “patena” of surface from use.

here to visit their website and learn more. Stay tuned for more Best of Neocon.
Photos and product description from Molo Design.

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