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Local Shopping Journal ~ Lux Style

Any bright color is in this season. Especially when everyone is on a tight budget, buying just one brightly colored accessory such as a handbag, belt, or shoes can revive any old outfit.
~ in conversation with Tadd Feazell, Owner of LUX

Shopping is not necessarily therapeutic for me, so you will rarely find me spending a day at the mall. In fact, only an hour at a couple of stores is all the time I want to invest, so that is why I treasure my local boutiques so much. Those that fit my style only have the best selections within their limited floor area, so you won’t get tired sifting through racks and racks of clothes.

For the past few months though, LUX, the boutique right down the street from our house, has been the only one I’ve really needed for some emergency fashion purchases. It never fails that I fall in love with some unique piece that I could wear through many seasons, and this past weekend was not only surprised by how many pieces I wanted to take home but also how affordable most were. See my summer selections below.

The 25% to 50% off summer sale is currently going on to make room for fall. The men’s fall collection is already coming in and the women’s fall collection to be in soon.

1} & 2} Long Silk dress / Double Zero / $59 / 50% off
3} Exotic Patterned Summer dress / Ambiance Apparel / $49

1} Gold dress with straight pleats/ Magazine / $69
2} Light pink dress / Tea / $59
3} Hot pink party dress / Yalo / $89

1} & 2} Short blue jean skirt / label detail/ Hudson / $139
3} Embroidered detail jeans / Indie Jeans / $129

1} Silver Gladiator Sandals / Blossom Collection / $29 / 25% off /Bought myself a pair
2} Blue Wedges / Blossom Collection / $34

1} Large shoulder bag / Mystique / $89
2} Other bags
3} Large shoulder bag / Far Nine/ $49
4} Delicate Earrings
5} Necklace / Stone of Help / $24

1} Graphic Short Sleeve T-shirt / Andrew Christian / @$41
2} Graphic Long Sleeve shirts / Kold Turkey / $29
3} Leather Wallets/ J-Fold / $60

Lux Style Boutique ~ Men and Women's Fashion
Tadd Feazell, Owner
906 S. Cooper St.
Memphis, TN 38104
ph +1.901.726.6600

Tadd is also featured in the July issue of Skirt Magazine.

Photos and graphic design by Sophorn.

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  1. a great find for panda fanatic!
    my roommate and i LOVE this bag


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