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"Tattooed" Furniture

Sometimes designers take tattooing literally and apply an image to the furniture surface in a style just as you would see it adorning one's skin, but I believe the real inspiration comes when the composition and design comes from many different avenues such as fabric design, graphic design, illustration, and photography. Those avenues are by which the designs below are categorized. These are also ideas we are throwing around with ModoHome designs after I sketched a design for a storage piece that just beckoned for an off-set graphic on the face.
Yakuza Coffee Table by Reddish Studio
Digital Printing on MDF

I also wonder if the notion of the tattoo on furniture can last the lifetime of the piece or is just a trend. People deciding about getting a tattoo on their body ask whether they will like it or even stand it when they are 50 years old or so, so would they ask the same of their furniture. Take the poll on the sidebar and tell me whether you think you would buy and keep a "tattooed" piece as an heirloom.

Fabric Design/Graphic Design

Select Pieces Displaying the Marquetry Technique ~ Carved Wood Inlay

Table Bench by
Pieter VanTuyl
Carving with hand-applied pigmented filling


Barstools/Side Tables by Slow Loris ~ T-shirt Designer
Laser Engraved

Illustration/Graphic Design

Spira Cafe Table by
Test Collective


Bamboo Skateboards/Wall Displays of Utopian Skyscrapers by Test Collective
Half-tone Digits
{Just thrown in there for the technique}

Photos from designer websites and certain websites found through design*sponge.

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