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Memphis Weekend in Review ~ August 28 to 30

Friday / August 28 / South Main Trolley Tour / South Main Arts District

South Main Trolley Tour is a bustling monthly event we always look forward to as a family, and for the past two years, we have invited out of town guests to plan a visit for the last Friday of the month to catch the local event. No one had accepted until my cousin Somaly and her husband Scott drove up from Alabama especially to see us and get a taste of locals’ Memphis mixed in with some cool tourists’ spots that even locals should see once in their life.

1} After nibbling on free food at various shops and galleries as our “appetizer,” we headed back to the patio of Harry’s Detour where we saw local band Star and Micey set up in the patio lawn. It was a pleasant surprise.
2} Somaly and Scott had to pose for at least one photo together. Here they are under the patio lights at Harry’s.

We Recommend The lemon chicken with three cheeses including a feta cheese that stood out the best compliment to the lemon sauce.

3} Runway Boutique is one of my favorites Memphis stores and I always fall in love with great pieces like the embellished short coat shown above.

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Photo of band and coat by Scott and Somaly.

Saturday / August 29 / Memphis Music History Tours / Sun Studios and Backbeat Tours

The number one question asked by tourists visiting Christopher’s hot dog cart is “What are don’t-miss events and places in Memphis?” High on our list are Backbeat Tours and Sun Studios both of which have local musicians guide the music tours.

Since kids under five are not allowed inside the studio for tours and they didn’t want to turn away paying customers in the group, they offered parents free tickets if one parent stayed behind.

Atticus and I stayed behind and were offered free drinks and snacks which was only the second treat after hearing one of the Rock for Love musicians and Sun Studio tour guide Jason Freeman pluck away at the resident guitar. Before long, Atticus wandered over to me and closer to his favorite instrument.

Atticus’ intent gaze during this impromptu performance then my explanation of his love of music and his “playing” his own guitar at home led into Jason performing “The Itsy, Bitsy Spider” just for Atticus. Atticus sang along all the way through then requested “ABC’s” his all-time favorite. I was impressed with Jason for not hesitating and playing the best rendition of “ABC’s” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” I’ve ever heard. Thanks Jason. It was really a treat for Atticus.

We were also back at Sun Studios later that afternoon as part of the Backbeat Tours Memphis Mojo Tour. I have raved about this tour since taking it two years ago but I didn’t realize what I was really raving about was tour guide Memphis Jones. I promise not to ever waste any space on my blog for a negative comment so I will put it this way. If you take the Mojo tour, you have to take it with Memphis Jones.

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Photos of Sun Studios and Backbeat Tour by Scott/Somaly.

Sunday / August 30 / Sunday Brunch / The Majestic Grille

It was excellent weather for eating out on the patio to try the brunch menu at the fairly new Majestic Grille. Since Christopher works part-time waiting tables there, we also took advantage of his employee discount. Atticus was sold on the idea when he saw that the patio was located right next to the Main Street trolley line.

1} The blue neon sign to the Majestic entrance.
3} Atticus turns his head to see his favorite trolley, the purple one ride away.

The biscuits didn’t last and the shrimp and grits dish was the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch.

Atticus always finds a creative way to past the time. Here he is showing us his “bridge over the river.” Quite inspiring I must say. See more photos on my Facebook page.

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All photos by Sophorn unless noted otherwise.


  1. a couple of those pics from sun studio and backbeat tours was from someone else

  2. Somaly did you write that first comment. I credited Scott but did you take those pictures?


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