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Inside the Design ~ The Clanjamfry Aye Tunes Poster

I just noticed the poster {shown above} posted around town for the upcoming Memphis Scottish festival Clanjamfry. It took everything in me to not snatch the poster off the wall and keep it for myself. Not even an image of this creative and well-executed poster existed on the web, but luckily I was able to seek out and find the poster designer to request an image and to learn more about the concept and its execution. I'll post more details on the actual festival later this week.

{ The poster theme is } "a snug fit with the mission of Clanjamfry, and of Evergreen Church in general — to appeal to 'McEverybody' ”
~Creative director Jeff Blankenship on the 2009 Clanjamfry poster theme

The Poster Design
Obviously, the design is an homage to iPod brand imagery. Teens, twenties and thirties get the reference instantly. That’s a snug fit with the mission of Clanjamfry, and of Evergreen Church in general—to appeal to “McEverybody”, not just to those of Scottish pedigree (in the case of the festival), or to those steeped in church tradition (in the case of our church). The festival has somehow managed over the years to attract and entertain a mix of people who are culturally oceans apart. Dyed-in-the-wool Scots come to dance, shop, eat and mingle right alongside the full diversity of our curiosity-seeking Midtown neighbors. That spirit of community is so rewarding for the church members who work so hard on the festival.

The Photo Shoot
I was concerned going into the photo shoot that Ian would be reluctant to perform the exaggerated poses I had in mind. Pipe bands are, after all, dignified. Formal. Turns out he was a really good sport, totally uninhibited, willing to do every goofy thing we asked him to do. Like rocking repeatedly back-and-forth on his toes. And twisting, Chubby Checker-style, in order to capture movement in his kilt. The final image is a composite of four different shots.

Poster Credits
*Photography was done in-house at Oden by Jerry Plunk.
*Concept/design and image composition by Jeff Blankenship, also of Oden.
*Piper model is Ian Seivwright of Wolf River Pipes & Drums, official bagpipe band of the festival.
*Poster image ©2009 Evergreen Presbyterian Church.

Wear the Poster Image

T-shirts ~ 100% cotton and black, with the poster image will be available at the festival on Saturday, September 26 for $20.

Special thanks to Jeff Blankenship of Oden for the poster image and sharing the design concept.


Jeff Blankenship / Vice President, Associate Creative Director
ODEN / Developers, Communicators, and Stewards of Brands
119 S Main Street
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.578.8055
ph +1.901.260.6513 direct

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  1. Sophorn— Thanks for posting the poster post!

    Hope to see you at the festival. And remember, DON’T FEAR THE HAGGIS.


  2. And thanks for posting a poster post comment! The McRae clan will try to be at the festival either Saturday or Sunday.


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