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Inside the {Logo} Design ~ Buck Daddy Blog / Part 3 / Experimentation

Even though I had initial ideas in my head, I started by just looking at the letterforms in a sans serif font {myriad} in black and gray to distill the big ideas and changing them virtually one change at a time to make sure I am as thorough with displaying, for the purpose of this posting, all design directions as possible. I wanted the printed letters/words to inform me of any ideas or to just show me that something for sure doesn't work.

None of these are refined but just one step into an idea, enough to help the client decide whether it should be further explored and refined. Below is the first series.

What's distilled} The gray starts to show the idea for a highlighting color which means the words can move closer together. Conceptually, it also seems to make more sense that the word "DADDY" should be in a bright color since it relates more obviously to kids. The all-capital letters helps clean up the logo, especially when you zoom out or squint. The squint test: it's a test I use to see if the silhouette is appealing and shaping up nicely.

What's distilled} The image of the father tossing a child up in the air is a familiar one that's usually associated with dads and always makes me smile. Conveying a good emotion is always a good thing. I will need to refine the image if it continues to be explored.

What's distilled} The evolvement of the vertical stack is definitely cleaner towards the bottom right. I see more potential with this series than the previous ones.

What's distilled} This series is a bit bleak since I don't have a large catalog of fonts to choose from, and I don't know if I have the time to create a custom font. I definitely don't think the thin font conveys the right message of strength, do you?

What's distilled} This series is where I started with ideas for the mark first to help inform the rest of the logo. I understand the text bubble symbol is commonly used for blogs and communication logos but I wanted to see if it was appropriate and if it could be done from a fresh perspective. The bottom symbol doubles the message since it also looks like a computer screen.

I haven't experimented yet with 3-D options. I want to wait for Buck's comments about the series above first. Please feel free to share your thoughts too.

Stay tuned for Part 4 / Either Refining Ideas or More Experimentation and Studies.


  1. Vertical stack, bottom right, with the graphic, and the spread out letters (leading? kerning?) ... love that one.

  2. Thats the same one that caught my eye. Just to play devil's advocate though, maybe there is a way to put a U in the background and have the photo in the foreground. Im just afraid that it might look like an A instead and confuse the reader.

  3. I like the vertical stack the right side go up three from the bottom. The image of Buck holding up his child over the letters works for me. You can separate the image from the words and I'd rather like to see what it looks like with the words switched out for the one that is second over from the left (grey Daddy) I think those two elements together would really pop. It emphasized the Daddy part as well as shows you lifting your children higher

  4. Love the one that Buck is holding his child up to make the U But I also really like for a second choice the second set top left for a more simple clean look.

  5. Yes, I tried overlaying a white "u" over the father image but decided to try adding white as part of defining the neck and shirt folds maybe but didn't want to go too far on those details since I wanted to get feedback first. Good suggestions so far!

  6. like the bottom right vertical stack one the best, very nice...they are all nice ;)

  7. Under "Letter study with blog separation" box I love the one in the bottom right hand corner. And in the "mark" box I like the last one, however, I would create more of a "d" shape within the chat box. Aesthetically, a lot of these look good, but you have to think about functionality as well. These 2 are the most functional to me. Nice job!

  8. Greg - Telling DadOctober 6, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    Vertical Stack second one down from the far right if I had to pick one. Your name is too long for a horizontal alignment, imho.

    Some are too extreme to the basic side of the spectrum and some go too far to the 'trying to be weird and cutting-edge' side of the spectrum.

    Until I read what the icon was, I actually couldn't tell what it was. I actually thought it was someone sitting on a rock or something. Whoops! :)

    I agree with Chris that the use of the logo was neat but I was more inclined to see that as the letter A, not the letter U. Afraid those who don't know you may perceive it the same way.

    Anyhow, just some opinions.

  9. Penny Pinching ParentOctober 6, 2009 at 1:31 PM

    I like the vertical stack, 2nd one down on the right. I like being able to see the little one more clearly and everything is nice and crisp and concise.

    The others are beautiful designs, but as a reader, a mom, etc. I think the vertical stack with the image conveys the site a little more clearly.

  10. I like the vertical stack with no image -- BUCK bolded.

  11. I've looked at this a few times. I like the first two in the "Mark Study" section.

  12. I wanted some time to think about it and sleep on it. Here are my thoughts and I hope I am helpful. I am going to focus on what I like and ignore the others.

    Horizontal Informs Mark- I like the BDb

    Letter Study with "Blog" Separation - I like the two with the kid toss but not sure the dad translates to a Y or O and the kid translates to an O or Y

    Letter Study Vertical Stack- The ones with the Kid toss I like. The one with the bigger kid toss logo the best

    Font Study- 1 and 3

    Mark Study I like the bd BLOG with square, would be great for where space is limited

    Some additional thoughts:
    I could not tell what the kid toss image was until I read what it was. I don't want to have to explain what it is all the time. I like where it is headed.

    I would love to see something that works in color and in black and white.

    I am a fun loving, fun, and larger than life kid of guy. I write my blog with a self deprecating and humor slant. I am also very large in person, I am 6'5", 300lbs (I carry my weight well). A common joke is I am shorter on the internet. I am a fun guy and my logo should be fun too.

    I do want to use the logo and design in my blog as well as t-shirts, cards, and swag in general. An image that can be recognized with out text and image with text.

    I also trust the opinions of the people who commented. I know design by committee is not fun and not the way to do it but please take their comments into the thought process.

    Love the work you have done so far and looking forward to the next steps. Thank you for all your hard work.

  13. The "design by committee" is a good way to understand how the logo is being perceived by the public. The feedback was very valuable. This process is not about knowing the answer but uncovering the answer to this design "question/problem."

    tthe color studies will soon come after knowing something will work well in grayscale (which can happen when someone prints something of yours on a laser printer for example.)

    I think the next studies will address the "image that can be recognized with out text and image with text." That is a great point. The 3-d options that I mentioned could be a later step too in the evolvement of the logo. (You've noticed how long-standing companies like AT&T have 3-D-ized its traditional logo.)

    I'll get back to this next week and may send you more questions till then.

  14. Oh since the father and child toss image is a popular one. Some even commented on saying the image of Buck (which it's not. It's from stock photo gallery.) My gut is that it should really be Buck. I can take photo if needed. Buck, how old are your kids? Can you still toss them in the air or should I do some photoshop merge magic?


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