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Work Fashion ~ Harvey Faircloth

As someone in the design field, I find it difficult to find work appropriate clothes that says both powerful and creative. Since working with some respected women designers, I have learned that skirts and dresses can still be powerful. Power is confidence and if you can pull off tomato red stockings, you probably have that much respected confidence.

Here are some of my favorites from the clothing line Harvey Faircloth .
1} Button Dress
2} Pocket Wrap Skirt
3} Serape Dress
The clean lines and, dare I say, architectural look is both classic and modern.
Thanks to Sheetal for sending me this link.

Photos from Harvey Faircloth website. Graphic layout and id by Sophorn.

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  1. yes!!! i have red leggings and have not been able to wear them... you are an inspriation :) thank you


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