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Inside the Design ~ Barn Raising Logo / Part 2 / Experimentation Continued

There were two things this second set was asked to be: less about the barn and more about "building" funds. Overall the graphics also needed to be minimized and simplified. There was also the switch to green to tie everything back in with the Habitat for Hope identity. That is when I started looking at how the existing HFH logo could morph into an object related to building. {I did try the hammer but it just wanted to look like the head of an animal without the straight handle.}

Below I started looking at other tools and building material - wood planks. The planks placed as siding just seemed better in this context since the latter options alludes more to a building supply company's logo.

The first two options above are large timber posts that are notched for interlocking joints, a symbol I liked in connecting Habitat for Hope and its fundraiser. Unfortunately, it's not an obvious recognition to most people. The last two options above are diagrams of stick framing in elevation which the position of each "2x4" directly influenced by the letterforms below it. Framing in one window strengthened this idea just enough. Still, this may be too much visually.

Lastly, I wanted to explore the shovel without the HFH logo since I noticed how it also looked like a simplified barn or any building really. The text as the handle would actually work well with letterhead or banner graphics. The A's in the text was a start in emphasizing the idea of both an up symbol {raising} and an A-framed roof {building}. The very last logo is where I think that idea is best represented. The A-framed roof shape in perspective adds that 3-d idea from the first round but is the most minimal of all the options.

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