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Viet Hoa Asian Market ~ A Recommended Shopping List

I have relatives that drive 2 hours up from Corinth just to shop for Asian grocery items here, so I feel privileged to have an Asian market less then 5 minutes away. At Viet Hoa, I can grab items here and there when craving a coconut drink or salty plum candy, but I do try to keep that to a minimum and stock up on basic items. The following shopping list starts with items I try to keep in stock {keep in mind, the brand shown is my preferred brand} but it also shows some of their unique offerings that may interest you.

1} Limes - The best price in Memphis by far.
2} Produce section - newly expanded into restaurant space, previously Lobster King.
3} Cilantro and basil - Basil is a must-have ingredient in fresh spring rolls.

1} Kam Yen Jan Chinese sausage - Great addition to fried rice. We just slice, pan-fry, and serve with steamed rice.
2} Three Ladies jasmine rice.
3} The rice selection just at the store entrance.

1} Instant noodles favorite brand no.1 in orange packaging - Served best with egg stirred in boiling noodle broth.
2} Instant noodles favorite brand no.2 - The noodles already have a great flavoring so it is best right out of the package as a snack.
3} Spring roll rice paper wrapper - You shouldn’t go wrong with picking any brand of this product.

1} Squid brand fish sauce - key to Cambodian or Vietnamese dipping sauces.
2} Aroy-D coconut milk – key to dishes such as curry or many desserts. Can label will say whether it’s for cooking or for desserts.
3} Golden Mountain soy sauce – way better than the others in regular grocery stores.

1} Preserved plum with red coating – this photo is just to show the color to compare. I look for the gray coating in photo 2 for a better balance of sweet and salty.
2} Preserved plum with gray coating – I only crave just a salty candy for after dinner rather than something sweet. My family calls it ‘cambuoy’.
3} Chinese barbeque seasoning – this is a sweet seasoning that we use on chicken, beef or pork.

Viet Hoa is also my source for fresh seafood when we want to splurge or have a special dinner. They have 1}dungeness crab, 2-3} blue crab, 4} fish, fish, fish, clams, and sometimes oysters. Below are items from the kitchen and cookware section, some key to Asian cooking. I will try to share some Cambodian family recipes in the future. Happy shopping and eating!

Viet Hoa Food Market
40 N. Cleveland
Memphis, TN 38104
Ph +1.901.726.9388

Photos by Sophorn.


  1. I love going to the market as they also have crab boil in a gallon jug and not to mention Guava juice that is great in Mimosas too! Never thought about getting my produce there, I will have to keep that in mind.

  2. Laura Colquett GrahamJanuary 6, 2010 at 9:31 AM

    Completely jealous that you know how to cook all this stuff. I go in the World market just to LOOK but have no idea what to actually buy! ha I do miss your momma's cooking. Sopak would bring me somethings wrapped in leaves back in the day!

  3. Oh yes I did forget to mention they also have a great selection of hispanic ingredients. I love getting the corn tortillas there.

  4. ooh, I had that over Christmas. It was a sweet rice with a banana inside? I'll grab the recipe and share it sometime on the blog.

  5. Todd Steele (@fijitodd)January 6, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    The only thing I hate about this place is the $20 min purchase to use a debit card. I went to grab a few items one day and the total was around $12. Since I hardly ever carry cash, I had to leave all that goodness on the checkout counter. I was less than pleased, but learned a lesson I guess. Other than that, it's great.

  6. Yeah that has happened to me twice but I paid the buck but one time they were supernice one day when I was short $1 and let me pay next time I came back.

  7. So, have you seen coconuts at Viet Hoa? Like coconuts with the husk intact? Just curious, because i can't seem to find them anywhere. Pic:


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