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Inner Message Ring

Welcome to February and ideas for showing your love your, well, love this Valentine's. The first gift idea is one I actually found last year but never posted before. The inner message ring from artist/designer Jungyun Yoon really designs the experience of how you express two messages: either "marry me" or "always". She suggests imagining giving your love a seemingly plain ring, and they discover , after they take it off, the words "marry me" impressed in their skin. For your husband or wife, imagine they take off their ring for a moment but the message "always" is still with them. *Sigh*

1}The "always" message is available to purchase with free shipping to US and Canada here.
2} The "marry me" and "always" message is available from Jungyun Yoon site here.
Rings are available in sterling silver or 14k gold. Prices range from $99 to $780.

Photos from related shop websites.

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