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Tasted ~ Alex's Tavern

Where do you find the best burger in Memphis? My Jims I work with at Formus Architects proudly say the best burgers in town are located at their favorite tavern, Alex’s tavern, to be precise. They are on a first name basis with the owner Rocky of Alex's Tavern . Yes, they love the food at their favorite bar, but not until a recent news article awarding the title "best burger in town" to Alex's "World Famous" Greek Burger did I make a concerted effort to try a burger at a smoky bar. {Not a usual hangout for me.}

Yes, it was a bit smoky but that in no way did it take away the enjoyment we had devouring the burger. The burger even with onions, that we usually pick off, was one glorious bite after one glorious bite. It tasted so good I regret sharing it with Christopher. He even finished the seasoned chips before I had my fill and made him apologize. He kindly offered to get another order of chips. {Thanks Christopher.}

We only shared the burger because we also wanted to try the recommended chicken drummies also noted as "World Famous" on the menu. Flavor options were hot, bbq, and greek seasoned. We decided greek seasoning had to be what was unique to Alex's so opted for that flavor with a ranch dressing dip instead of bleu cheese. Incredible flavor! It was well-cooked with the proper crispy outer skin and tender meat inside.

We are now curious to try the other raved items: the chicken tenders and the ribs. We'll be back next week and I think we're bringing some friends, maybe the Jims.

Alex's Tavern
1445 Jackson Ave
Memphis, TN 38107

ph +1.901.278.9086
Open Monday to Sunday 12pm to 3am

Photo /graphics by Sophorn.

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