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Felicia Suzanne's Courtyard Dinner Party

So many times have I passed by this courtyard walking down Main Street admiring the space that, in my mind, rivaled any pocket park in New York City or patio in New Orleans. I knew the food was spectactular but was dying for an opportunity to experience dining outdoors in this charming patio space. The opportunity soon came with friend and neighbor Diana proclaiming she needed a birthday outing with the girls. We both agreed Felicia Suzanne's courtyard was a perfect setting. Happy Birthday Diana!

I wasn't sure why I ordered a hot soup in the summer while eating outdoors, but when our server said "sweet corn with bacon," I couldn't resist. I also ordered the BLFGT {Bacon Lettuce Fried Green Tomato} Salad like almost every other person at the table. Both dishes were wonderful.

The other dishes ordered are shown below.

We {along with other guests by the fountain} dined under a canopy of trees and lights that became more charming as the sun set. I had waited for a special occasion to make this visit, but I'm not sure I'll need that excuse next time.

Felicia Suzanne
Downtown Memphis Brinkley Plaza
80 Monroe Ave, Suite L-1
Memphis, TN 38103
ph +1.901.523.0877
Project Green Fork Certified

Open Tuesday to Saturday at 5pm. Friday lunch 11:30am to 1:30pm.
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Photos/graphics by Sophorn.

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  1. girl you are so talented... and now i want to go eat there...

  2. Oh well, I always think I want my photos to look half as good as yours. Yours are so luminous.

  3. Wow-- beautiful stuff, Sophorn. FZ's is in my building, and I see Steven just about every day! I haven't ever had dinner out on their patio, but I need to.

  4. Oh yes Steven, Steve was a misprint. thanks Chip.

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