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The Freedom of Simplicity + Ideas on Graphics

People once again become more important than possessions.
~Richard Foster on Christian simplicity

The title "Freedom of Simplicity" from Christian theologian Richard Foster was powerful enough to catch my attention {since simplicity is the theme to my life and this blog}, and the quote above on the first page has kept my attention since. As life gets stressful and we feel enslaved by having things, it's hard to remember what's important in life ~ people. I hope to share more when I finish the book and have more examples of its transformations in our life.

I should also explain the photos of this quote. I have been handwriting over text with pencil as a way to highlight it since architecture school, but recently I have found a way to refine the idea for upcoming graphic design projects where the idea makes much more impact. Stay tuned for those examples as well where you will hopefully see a connection to this idea of simplicity.

Have a great week.

Thanks to Fellowship Memphis for introducing us to the book.

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