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Introducing Our First Batch of Homemade Ice Cream

First, we'd like to thank our friend Allison and her friend's aunt Liz for the ice cream machine that has brought so much joy to Atticus and Christopher's life. The ice cream machine was in Liz' storage and was never used and still in the box. Thank you Liz for giving such a nice gift to strangers. And thank you Allison for the mention and kind delivery. Atticus will deliver some ice cream to you soon.

1} Jones Orchard Blueberries made all the difference.
2} The official name we chose for our blueberry ice cream ~ Memphis BluesBerry. *
3} Atticus is enjoying the small bowl of ice cream shown in image 5.
4} Atticus would have been happy with eating from the metal tub instead.
5} I usually serve ice cream to him in this tiny bowl with a tiny spoon to make it look generous.
*Our quick custom label was inspired by the Haagen-Dazs ice cream label but uses the shape of the acoustic guitar mirrored in 2 directions. For the recipe, we just altered the standard recipe off the ice cream machine box.

Photos/graphics by Sophorn


  1. memphisyall.wordpress.comJuly 1, 2010 at 11:31 AM

    Your blog is great! I remember when I was much younger I went over to a friend's house and we made ice cream somehow using gallon sized ziplock bags. Seems like it is pretty easy to make and this way you know exactly what ingredients your getting. Very cool.

  2. I was impressed before but this is just amazing. that ice cream looks delectable and Atticus' eyes are just glowing with Memphis BluesBerry!

  3. thanks and thanks for including me on your blogroll.

  4. Elek and you/peter are welcome to come have some. The ice cream looks really cold in that photo that's why (the bowl was in the freezer till I was ready to shoot.)


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