Friday, June 18, 2010

Ways My Dad Inspires Me


In honor of Father's Day and my dad traveling back to Cambodia to go on his second mission trip just days from now, I wanted to make a list of inspirations I've composed just from my dad's actions, not just growing up, but even now.

~Let what you do speak for itself.
~Never wait on someone else to fix the problem you can fix.
~Be resourceful and never wasteful especially with time.
~Be humble. Never look to take the credit.
~Listen to your instincts. It's probably God talking.
~Let family and friends be the destination of your travels not just things or places.
~Never use inconvenience as an excuse, especially when it means helping someone other than yourself.

Thank you Dad for inspiring me to be better everyday. I will pray for you and Mommy in your travels. We'll see you when you get back home ready to give lots of hugs and kisses.

I took the photo above when we visited Cambodia as a family in 2005. Humble beginnings keep me grateful.


Loren Latourelle said...

sophorn, this is beautiful. and the awesome part is that you've definitely followed in his footsteps and are this to those around you. i'm a better person for knowing you and having learned these lessons from you that you learned from your Dad.

Sophorn said...

{wiping tear from eye} thanks Loren. Hope you are well. One day soon you will be the destination of my travels, maybe when your little one arrives.

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