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Album Review ~ Cannonballs, Cannonballs by Boats

As I consider myself a fervent collector of undeniably good music, I’m surprised I just discovered the music of Canadian band Boats. It’s been over two months since the band has released their second album “Cannonballs, Cannonballs” but another raving review although past due is well-deserved.

After sifting through so many average songs to find a new addition to my handpicked music collection, I came across the song “Chrome Eyelids” and in the first few seconds, felt I found something extraordinary. As I searched for more songs by Boats, a band I’d never heard of, I realized the one song I found wasn’t a fluke. Boats led by singer/songwriter Mat Klachefsky churns out great music, too great to be categorized in any constricting genre. With the energetic tunes and well composed mix of instruments, I did something I rarely do – buy an entire album from one band.

Cannonballs, Cannonballs is a well thought out set of songs from yes, a fun group with crazy lyrics but also, after stepping back from all the enjoyment, a group of seriously good musicians. Even regarding the much talked about singing voice of Mat Klachefsky, the voice ,that seems to reference a little heavier rock style, such as the band Coheed and Cambria, works perfect with the Boats sound he created. Based on my personal taste in music that spans many genres but is still particular about musical refinement, Boats is the first band that got the mix just right.

Track List ~ Cannonballs, Cannonballs
My Favorites are Marked with an Asterick*

*Sunrise on the Muffin District
*Haircuts for Everybody
*Drinking the Lake
**Chrome Eyelids
Movie Scores, We Hummed
*Smokestack & Lucy’s Magnificient Cabaret
Breakfast, Coffee, Lunch, Internet
TV Scientist
Summercamps vs The Fake Moustache Tree
*Our Athletic Friends
A Tinfoil Everything
*An Army of House Pets Pt 2.

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By the way, I also had to buy their first album Intercontinental Champion. I can't wait to have both with me on the long drive today.

Stay tuned for an entertaining interview with frontman Mat Klachefsky and the “How to Make a Boats Show” graphic guide I created with Mat. { Duct tape is a key element in making a Boats show. }A preview of the custom duct tape font I created for the guide from real duct tape is below. Graphic inspiration from Attack NYC.

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