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Business Stationery / Habitat for Hope / Test 1


Based on the previously completed business cards, the letterhead design followed using a similar design language but had to be formatted to printing on hand on a regular printer. This meant no full bleed of course. I also wanted to continue the idea of feeling stable/grounded but growing when placing the graphic logo and company information text. It either grows along the side or is grounded along the bottom. It is important to mention that the graphics do not take more room than necessary to fit more content on the letter and thus save paper.

This ribbon is referencing the green blade in the brochure design and thank you cards. It may be a problem that the HFH leaf mark is not in this option so I added it below. It looks more organic so to emphasize that the information text is at different lengths.

The above option just explores a sort of back to basics approach using the logo in it's traditional layout. I just wonder if the website address may be at all confusing.
The layouts below are just a quick look at possible adding the logo to the backside that will be seen when tri-folded for an envelope. The recipient can possibly get a message like 'hello' or any phrase HFH chooses.

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