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Habitat for Hope / Postcards / Test 1

Habitat for Hope, in addition to sending out brochures to introduce their mission to people, needed 4x6 postcards to be on hand for passing out at their upcoming events. The same text is carried from the brochure, therefore, the graphic language ties together. I did try a photo collage of HFH kids as side by side "blades," but in the end one great photo was much more powerful.

More than one photo can be printed as part of the series. HFH will confirm final photo choices and front of card subtext. Photo banner above keys each option or side shown below at actual size.


{1} Front Option A ~ Subtext is intended to be a personal story or real quote from an HFH parent of kid. Green label is lower than back of card and a "multiplied" transparency as compared to No. 3 Front Option B. HFH leaf is grounded on label of the same color and placed over the little boy's heart.


{2} Back ~ Green label grows in height from Front Option A and also acts as a mini business card emphasizing the contact information.


{3} Front Option B ~ Subtext can change with each photo chosen. Green label is the same height as the back to fill in more proportionately for this particular photo. A slight transparency is used instead because of the strong colors.

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