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GonerFest Through the Lens of Tommy Kha

GonerFest, known as an international punk/indie music fest, begins tonight in Memphis, and through the lens of the talented Tommy Kha, you'll see in his behind-the-scenes photos of last year's GonerFest it's more than just about seeing live music. It's the reminder that there's the whole experience of hanging out with friends, making friends, and probably making out. Seriously making out. The incredibly timed photos are so voyeuristic, you can't help feeling a bit dirty for looking, but the guy in last/favorite image will make you feel like you were actually invited to look. See the line-up for tonight through Sunday here. {And be on the look-out for Tommy camera-equipped again this year.}

See more photos from this inspirational collection at Live from Memphis here and here. I'm surely adding it to the cinematic style of photography examples I'm collecting. Also check out my interview last year with Zac Ives of Goner Records about GonerFest here.

Photos used by permission from Tommy Kha. All Rights Reserved.

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