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EqualGravity Logo Development / Progress Snapshot

My latest logo development I am working on is for Tyler White's new company EqualGravity, probably one of the greatest projects I've been asked to design for. I love what the company represents and Tyler's mission to increase the appreciation for our natural environment. EqualGravity is based out of Memphis but supplies products nationally. See Tyler's company description below.

EqualGravity represents responsible commerce as it relates to protecting our natural resources. When visiting National, State and Regional parks, too often consumers are left with few to no commemorative product options which incorporate both sustainable and aesthetic design. EqualGravity products are crafted using only the finest sustainable materials, and a portion of proceeds are funneled directly back to the parks and spaces represented by our products.

I will be creating illustrations of local parks for a series of posters but as shown below have already started design on the EqualGravity identity. It is a true progress snapshot to see what works and what doesn't work. It truly illustrates how even with clear direction from the client so many options and combinations of options can be made. Now I need feedback from Tyler to further distill the options. I also threw in some options I saw evolve that is different from what was discussed but I just hope something works.


Step 1 ~ Letterform & Font Study ~ 1800's fonts, engraving fonts, raised letterforms which all suggest physical presence and permanence. The last one was interesting because I couldn't get the idea of the equal sign out of my head. The first one is great because the E and G nestle well together.


Step 2 ~ Full Company Name ~ Would appear on company letterhead/business card. Begins to emphasize the E and G for the logo's mark.


Step 3 ~ Mark Study ~ Used for product tagging. Shows options for equal sign presence, shield symbols, and an organic element of the leaf and floral ornamentation. The top right shield options is enlarged at the bottom.


Step 4 ~ Letterhead Studies ~ Sizing and placing a few of the better options on a letter size sheet.


The idea for shadowed font shown above is best shown in some real examples of raised and depressed lettering. I love that it creates the shadow physically instead of illustrated.

Bottom 2 images via Graphic Exchange.

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