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Equal Gravity Branding / Progress Snapshot No. 2

The most complete Equal Gravity logo mark inspired by the Theodore Roosevelt family coat of arms (see next to last image), the Memphis seal and some of the ornamentation from the one dollar bill is the shield and banner on the very top. Cotton, the oak leaf, and the machinery gear are symbols from the Memphis seal. The oak leaves replaces the set of 3 feathers from the Roosevelt coat of arms, although the roses are composed exactly alike which will be modified a bit. After approval of the shield outline and layout then the shadows hatched similar to the one dollar bill will be added. This will help the oak leaves at the top read much more dimensionally. The full company name starts to take on the character of the shield and banner. There is still another option of ribbon like ornamentation over the top and bottom of Equal Gravity that still needs experimenting.

Below are previous studies on the simplified shield shape - three versions then the Roosevelt coat of arms tested above the Equal Gravity logo. This image helped solidify that a more developed detailed shield design fit the company image better. The very bottom image shows the shield on a letterhead layout just for scale/context.

Founder and Memphian Tyler White named his sustainable product company Equal Gravity based on the Theodore Roosevelt speech in Memphis on sustainability.

Graphics by Sophorn.

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