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Tasted ~ 3 Angels Diner

The perfect lunch for a cold day ~ the spinach and watercress soup special and the adult grilled cheese {smoked gouda, goat and cheddar cheese} with chips and a deviled egg. Atticus also visited with me and no camera last week for a delicious dinner. We tasted the fried chicken and slow braised beef short ribs with stone ground Parmigiano grits and sautéed green beans. To die for. / I stopped by today after meeting John Weeden and Whitney Washington at the Urban Arts Commission about photography work. I am so excited about the projects they are working on to improve Memphis so being asked to photograph their events is even more exciting.

3 angels diner
2617 Broad Avenue
Memphis, TN 38112
ph +1.901.452.1111

Photos by Sophorn. Nikon D50 f2.8, iso 400-800.
Editing Details Photoscape tools in typical order. Brighten, backlight 25%, filter /film effect / Portra low for extra brighten with warmth, contrast enhancement low if it improves photo, if color tint is still greenish favorite option is to colorize with color 230/saturation 200/3% to 7%. If colors don't improve with colorizing, white balance, or removal of color cast, turn sepia or black and white and increase backlight. Always use the preview on and off after every step to see if photo is improving with each tool.

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  1. Thanks for the info - and for the link to Photoscape. I am not familiar with it but plan on downloading it for some photo fun. I use Photoshop for most of my editing but love to find new ways to tweak. Your description of 3 Angels also has me planning a Saturday lunch there as well. Thanks!


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