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Thanksgiving Getaway

We had a great Thanksgiving getaway with Christopher's family. Grammy and Nak Nak’s house was quite the getaway. We didn’t venture out into the Dothan, Alabama sprawl for any entertainment. All the fun and fascination for Atticus and his cousins were the simple things - an open green space, a pool of fish, a tangerine tree, plenty of toys evoking imagination, and family to spend time with. As the weekend also included the Alabama/Auburn game. Nak Nak’s dueling doormats also provided some entertainment. Yes, I asked Atticus to stomp on the “red mat” for the picture, but the other times he stepped on the Auburn mat to make Nak Nak {a Bama fan} happy because he knew Nak Nak gave out really special jelly beans. I must point out that Atticus’ affinity to orange colored objects in this photo series is somewhat significant to his true allegiance.

Thanks Grammy and Nak Nak for a great time and hospitality as always. Thanks also to PawPaw, Mimi, William, Shannon, Wills, and Lib for having us the other 2 nights. xoxo

Color film photos by Sophorn.


  1. Oh yes I should have ended with that so... War Eagle!


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