Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Film Camera Test #1 {Yashica MG-1}

Out of the many antique film cameras we have in our collection, I have no idea which ones work. Starting with the Yashica MG-1 {pictured in the only digital shot above}, I discovered that maybe they'll be put to more use than just for decoration. The other 3 shots are from the De Novo Style fashion shoot last week.

Photos by Sophorn.


annabella said...


Chip Chockley said...

That's the exact same Yashica my dad always had poked in my face when I was little. He still has it. I've never used it myself, though, since I came to photography later in life.

Ana Simola ( said...

Hi! Check out my blog of photos taken with Yashica mg-1 and other Vintage cameras! The colors are like no other!

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