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Film Camera Test #1 {Yashica MG-1}

Out of the many antique film cameras we have in our collection, I have no idea which ones work. Starting with the Yashica MG-1 {pictured in the only digital shot above}, I discovered that maybe they'll be put to more use than just for decoration. The other 3 shots are from the De Novo Style fashion shoot last week.

Photos by Sophorn.


  1. That's the exact same Yashica my dad always had poked in my face when I was little. He still has it. I've never used it myself, though, since I came to photography later in life.

  2. Ana Simola (filmirullani.blogspot.com)January 14, 2011 at 12:25 AM

    Hi! Check out my blog of photos taken with Yashica mg-1 and other Vintage cameras! The colors are like no other! http://Filmirullani.blogspot.com


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