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Unexpected Gourmet { Austin / Part 2 }

2 a.m. New Year's Day and James' after-party had no food and no James, so we went in search of a late night bite at the only place that would be open nearby. My friend S led us to a group of three food trailers where I didn't expect to find great atmosphere much less gourmet food, but "Along Came a Slider" ~ a delicious slider with sweet potato fries. Christopher had the traditional ground beef slider but after trying the "Oh My Squash" slider, I can attest to their gourmet claim. This veggie slider is a butternut squash fritter with house pickled butternut squash, pumpkin pie spiced yogurt sauce, and julienne dried apples. OMS!

Along Came a Slider, Old School BBQ & Grill, and a couple of other food trailers usually station together at this location 1102 East 6th St, one of the original groups launching the idea. We also noticed several other food trailers around downtown, such as in the South Congress area near Hotel San Jose shown in the last photo below.

As Christopher ran a hotdog cart, he took note of the food trailer as another category of mobile food he had yet to explore as a possibility in Memphis. With as much enthusiasm he received from customers while selling hotdogs and the current wishes we hear from Memphis locals for mobile food options, we're sure the food trailer idea would be well received if located well. Christopher's got the initial contact with the owner of Along Came a Slider and plans to research it's legality with the Memphis health department, so let us know if you have any feedback on any prior attempt or research.

Stay tuned for Austin / Part 3 ~ a neighborhood pizza joint and what I like about Austin. By the way, James got off on a slow start as our host but he made it up the second night by helping make a delicious dinner for us. Much thanks Harold, James, and S.

Fuji film photos by Sophorn.

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