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Tristan Clopet Single Cover Art / Progress Snapshot No. 1

There are 9 various options worth showing above for the single "A Chat with My Brain" by Tristan Clopet.  The columns are labeled 1 through 3 and rows A through C. Starting from the top left is Option A1 and so forth.  Explanations of each option listed below:

General Notes ~ I have listened to the rough cut of the song over and over to understand the lyrics and have really liked it the more I listen.  The words and meaning in the song that I kept in mind were the love/hate relationship with his brain and "half" this and "half" that. Not bipolar, mind you, but just tension.  I began very minimal and abstract focusing on layout and color then found a profile picture of Tristan to work with.

A1 ~ Hand-drawn outline and a bit imperfect representation of the brain in plan view because all the purely geometric and hard line shapes didn't seem to work.

A2 ~ More abstract representation of the brain in plan view with a dark blue background instead of black. Color pallette inspired by Mark Rothko, an artist Tristan wanted us to use for inspiration.

A3 ~ A2 with a more vibrant color combination.

B1 ~ Tristan's profile with overlapping circles representing the tension from opposing sides. This feels very British punk for some reason with these two colors so maybe more color studies can make this layout work.

B2 ~ Use of the gradient to make the opposing colors find some harmony in the middle.

B3 ~ The background is an enlarge photo of a brain scan that will in its final form is really supposed to look like a watercolor.

C1 ~ B3 with single's title text added. Letters "grow" to be more organic like the brain.

C2 ~ It seems the image is obviously a brain so making the text a secondary layer you can discover.

C3 ~ The beauty of the colors seems obstructed by the text so this tries a new text layout.  Maybe text could go smaller in a later version.

Below are the flier options for B1 and B3.

Make sure to discover Tristan's music in the links below if you haven't already.

Tristan Clopêt
myspace  TristanClopet

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