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A Modern Gem

This past weekend I visited Eads, Tennessee to see this modern gem, which because of its rarity in this area or Memphis could not refuse the offer to help new owners Rachael and Luke renovate it.  The home was designed by an architect, unknown at the moment, and has not undergone any updates since the early 1980's. The entry is dramatic but the key selling point was the light filled living space shown below. Consider this visit Day 1 of this modern design renovation project which you'll be able to follow on the blog.

I've already studied up on mid-century modern Eichler homes and their renovations and also have been exploring interior paint color visualizing programs like this one here. / Thanks so much to my friend Tucker for referring me to this project.

Photos by Sophorn.


  1. wow!!! what an awesome house!!! I really really want to shoot there!! seriously amazing

  2. looks like this house has great potential! Check out this post by some of my favorite west coast architects/bloggers. May have some helpfull info. Good luck!


  3. Oh I'll see if I can make that happen.

  4. Gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the subsequent posts. When I think of the house of my dreams, I often think of huge windows and lots of trees, so I am especially drawn to this project!


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