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Meet Javier Sánchez Corral { 2011 AIATN Convention Speaker Series }

Memphis is an amazing array of speakers from across the street and around the world.
Meet Javier Sánchez Corral, HON. F. AIA / JSª / Mexico City
Speaking Thursday, August 4, 3:00 - 4:30


In one sentence, how would you describe architecture to those outside the field?
It is a social discipline that creates spaces that seek to enhance and stimulate human activity.

Who or what most inspire your creative side? / How do you spark creativity?
Visiting architecture inspires me. Working in teams discussing architecture's possibilities sparks our creativity

What are you currently reading, whether it be books, magazines, or blogs?
I like to read books, Peter Zumthor's book atmospheres and Juhanni Palasmaa 'the eyes of the skin' are my favorites.

Different cities have different problems or dynamics. What’s the best thing about designing in your city?
Mexico City is a transformable living organism where anything can happen.

How do you balance work life and social/family life?
Every part of life goes into a separate drawer.

Have you been to Memphis before? What are your current impressions?
I have never been and am very looking forward to it, including going to Graceland.

What are some things you most look forward to in your trip to Memphis? In this response, can you be specific about what exact food you are looking forward to?
I heard Memphis is famous for its barbecues.

What can we look forward to in your presentation at the AIA TN convention?
It will be about urban architecture, architecture that responds to very different levels and scales, architecture that disappears within the city.

Any fellow speaker(s) you look forward to seeing present?
Brian MacKay Lyons

What other hobbies, interests do you have outside of Architecture?
Reading, traveling

Do you also have a formal position in teaching architecture or design?
As often as I can, I try to spend part of my time teaching to architectural students: through conferences, workshops and by receiving trainees in my office.


We look forward to his presentation entitled “urban acupuncture.” Read more on Javier in the convention brochure and through the links below.

Facebook JSa Arquitectura
Twitter @JSaArquitectura
Youtube jsajaviersanchez
Webpage http://www.jsa.com.mx/ or www.jsa.com.mx/en (available in Spanish and English)

Thanks so much Javier and Virginie for pulling together the responses and images for us. Stay tuned for more interviews from the great collection of speakers at this year's convention.

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