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Photography by Atticus

Photography by Atticus. More specifically, digital photography from the Fisher-Price camera he got from his Grammy last Christmas by Atticus. He's taken over 300 photos over the last six months, and these are the best ones he and I chose to "exhibit." You'll see his hand in abstract photography, portraits, food photography, and architectural photography. It's funny to watch him take photos as he sometimes directs people to hold things to get the shot he wants. Favorite example from his twitter stream: (With his new camera, directs Mommy & styles photo) Look back at me. Wait. Here, hold my dirty sock. Good. (Reviews shot.) I love it.

Anyone need a photography assistant? or emerging photographer for that matter. / Thanks Grammy for the camera! If anyone has suggestions on the next camera he should get for his 5th birthday around the corner, let me know.

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  1. Love his eye! So talented already!!


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