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Tasted ~ The Cove Cocktail and Oyster Bar

The Cove had been on my wish list for food, music and just bona fide Memphis atmosphere for over a year now. It seems that if a Memphis checklist of how to be a local were to be created, hanging out at the Cove would be probably be in the top 5. Tucked in the middle of the Broad Avenue arts district which characteristically seems like a piece of midtown set adrift in unchartered seas, the Cove wouldn’t necessarily be a place you’d stumble upon.

Smoker-friendly, and from the looks of the décor, also pirate-friendly, it’s a place we could never go with Atticus, the main reason why it took so long for us to give it try. My craving for oysters finally found a way to plan a night out specifically to try the oyster dishes they were known for – Jim’s Ultimate Oyster Pizza and Oysters Casino.  Both dishes paired the oysters with just enough bacon to add flavor but not overpower the oysters. I really do love the taste of oysters, and based on what we heard from Evan, who works behind the bar most nights, the Cove has the freshest oysters in town.  Maybe next time I’ll try them raw.

Check their website for the music and event schedule. Tuesday nights, tonight are trivia nights. Thursday nights (the night we went) feature jazz. / Thanks Evan for taking care of us that evening. Miss seeing you and Kerry at the dinner groups. / Photo above: Title photo option looking a little too much like a '70's tv show title theme.

The Cove 
Cocktail and Oyster Bar
2559 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN
ph +1.901.730.0719

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  1. Jonathan McIntoshJune 25, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    My wife & I love the Cove. Great pictures and great design. You've captured the place well, Sophorn.

  2. Thanks so much Jonathan.


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