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I was hesitant to post this fearing I would seem like that mom who thinks their kid is the cutest kid in the world. Although you should think your kid is great, I just can’t take the luster from Atticus’ personality by a biased display of love for him. He shines pretty brightly on his own. His twitter account started as our way for our family, all long distance, to really know him through his own words, the ones especially unique to him. Now even those we don’t know and who have never met Atticus express how charmed they are just by reading his tweets. Here are some of his best tweets categorized for effect since turning five (and changing his twitter name from @AtticusToddler to @MisterAtticus).
About Twitter

Response to his twitter acct: I don’t want ANYONE to put me in the computer! I don’t want to go!
25 Jul 09

They ate so much food their bellies got fat like my daddy. (Gasps) Don't tell him I said that! Tweet it before he hears it.
10 Feb 11

Mommy, you have to tweet everything funny. A-goo-ga. (Giggles). Ok tweet that.
5 Mar 11

(M: You didn't get any new followers today.) Ahh. (You have 63 followers.) That means they'll all get behind me.
22 Apr 11

I have a new follower @booboodash. Just kidding. I just made up that name.
22 Apr 11

Atticus, The Atticus

Look Rudolph the reindeer! In their yard. Tomorrow when it's Christmas, Santa will go out. His sleigh will be stuck & we'll know why.
2 Dec 09

(M: Atticus, take your hands out of your pants. Gross! Just don't touch me.) Haha. Let's high five. Hahaha!
29 Jan 10

(Quickly finishes his bowl of ice cream) But I didn't want ice cream! Poppy just gave it to me 'cause it made me happy. (Makes crying face)
14 Jun 10

I need to go potty! (P: Go on your little potty.) No, I really have to go a lot. The little potty can't hold all of it 'cause it's a TOY-lit.
19 Jun 10

One day can we make stone soup? But how about we add cookies. And don't put in the stones.
16 Jul 10

(M: You are so cute!) What?! I heard you say 'I wanna choke you.' (M: I did not say that.) Yeah. You did. (Jokingly.)
20 Aug 10

H-h-h. I'm hungry. Hungry starts with H. (M: Can you carry this plate for me?) Y-y-y No.
22 Sep 10

(M: Did you poot on me?) Well, it was because I was sitting on your lap.
5 Oct 10

(Baby cries in next aisle over at Target) They do not need to have a crying baby section here.
15 Jan 11

(With his new camera, directs Mommy & styles photo) Look back at me. Wait. Here, hold my dirty sock. Good. (Reviews shot.) I love it.
22 Jan 11

Christopher said a bad word at school today. He said fat. He said ' get that fat stick over there.'
16 Feb 11

(Lays back in bed without a shirt on) I'm sleeping like a REAL man.
16 Mar 11

I don't like my name Atticus. I want another name. How about Robbit?
4 Apr 11

Haha. I had a burp in my "excuse me."
11 May 11

(Accidentally bangs head) I'm ok. Just a little bit dizzy. Nothing to worry about.
3 Jun 11


(M: A makes up words that fit perfectly. P: Call it an Atticism.) You can call it an Atticamism. Or whatever you said the first time.
2 May 10

(Atticamism #2) Don't hork down your food.
2 May 10

(Atticamism #3) Emerson and Katye was playing chase the bad guys. They couldn't catch me because I was going SPEEDFAST.
7 May 10

(Atticamism #4) Smack-n-cheese
5 Jun 10

(Atticamism #5) It's so sweaty outside.
15 Jul 10

(Atticamism #6) Shush down.
18 Jul 10

(Atticamism #7) (play fighting w/ M) I'm gonna battle you up!
13 Dec 10

(Atticamism #8) What's the order for your tummy? (Translation: What do you want to eat?)
13 Jan 11

(Atticamism #9) Mommy, I'm so cold. Hold me and destroy my coldness.
22 Jan 11

(Atticamism #10) The Heimlich Remover.
6Apr 11

(Atticamism #11) Oopsa dahza. (Italian sounding version of oopsy daisy.)
27 May 11

(Atticamism #12) I'm sleepy deepy.
12 Jun 11

Atticus' Lame Excuse Series

(Atticus' Lame Excuse #1) I can't brush my teeth. My legs are broken.
11 Jun 10

(Atticus' Lame Excuse #2) I can't say my name. My leg's too itchy.
11 Jun 10

(Atticus' Lame Excuse #3) No, I can't wash my hands. Because. I am a ro-bot. (Said like a robot with arm motions.)
8 Oct 10

(Atticus' Lame Excuse #4) I can't walk to the car. You'll have to carry me because I don't want to walk all over this beautiful grass.
21 Jun 11

Girls and Love

When people get married, new kids get born. I want to do that in eight years. Get married.
24 Jul 10

I chase girls around the playground with Gregory. We catch them to marry us. I married Kate.
23 Nov 11

Topic of chasing girls to marry them.) After I chase Lucia, I'll give her a ring. (Holds up big toy ring. M: What will you say?) You're welcome.
5 Dec 10

(M: will you kiss Violet for the Christmas picture?) No, I'll let her kiss me! If we kiss each other, it means we're in love.
13 Dec 10

It’s Fun to Pick on Poppy

Poppy, you're fat-oops so sorry. (pauses as Poppy fake cries then assures Poppy:) It's your belly. Your belly is fat.
6 Jul 10

(Pretend fighting with Poppy. Makes first strike.) I hit your belly so hard, it broke your ankles.
4 Jul 10

(P trys to talk to M while A is shoutin. P: Let's have quiet time. A is quiet. P continues to talk) Hey so quiet time only Atticus is quiet?
24 Apr 10

Poppy, I blew you a kiss. (P: why thanks!) But first I burped on it then punched it. (Evil laugh)
7 Jan 11

(Pats Poppy's 'winter pot belly') You're going to have a beautiful baby.
10 Feb 11

(P: Oww!) What? (P: I hurt my booty. Can you kiss it better?) No, but I'll punch it better.
10 Feb 11

Poppy, I love Mommy all the way to Africa. I love you to Alabama.
5 Mar 11

Poppy, your belly button's so far! (Puts mouth near Poppy's belly) HELLO? Hello? hello? (Said like an echo)
25 Jun 11

(P: Let's have a boys night) I want to have a boy’s night with mommy. (P: What! That's not how it works.)
25 Jun 11

He’s good to his Mama

Mommy, I want another you.
3 Oct 09

(Comes back just a minute after getting tons of kisses all over the face from M) Can I get more kisses? The other ones dried out.
26 Mar 10

(Kisses M firmly on lips) oh we missed! Let's try again. (Kisses on lips again) Missed again. (Kisses on lips again) There you got it!
18 Oct 10

I love Poppy 100. I love you affinity. That's the last number Mommy. That's how much I love you.
10 Feb11

(Grasps M while she tries to leave) No, don't go. I've got too much hugging to do.
6 Apr 11

(M: I need someone to help me feel better.) That would be me. I'll read you a bedtime story, give you a kiss, & find you a flower.
2 May 11

Mommy, I want to go to heaven the same time you do.
4 May 11

Most Tweeted Word
Shows up mostly in rhymes.

Poppy, drum my booty. hahaha. Play drum bums.
6 Mar 10

Booty beauty Judy. Willy silly killy nilly.
6 Mar 10

Snooty booty.
11 Mar 10

Say booty. Say duty. Say armpit duty. Say slarmpit duty. Hahaha. -booty rhymes.
13 Mar 10

Ooh, that says Pirate's booty! You can say booty if it's with pirates.
28 May 11

You know the joke, "Don't mess with my booty!" Haha, for real it was written on the pirate's booty.
28 May 11

Best Tweet

(Mommy unknowingly bends over in front of atticus) I don't want to see that booty! Mommy, this isn't show 'n' tell. (Laughs hysterically)
18 Sep 09

Twitter avatar: Atticus dressed as musician Jason Freeman, Halloween 2010.


  1. Sophorn,

    I LOVE this. so glad you shared. he's awesome (not a surprise).

    Hope all is well,


  2. He is definitely *one* of the cutest kids in the world. MisterAtticus/MisterPersonality!!

  3. :) He definitely makes me laugh the hardest.


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