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Discovering { Panama City Beach / Part 3 }

Much of the pre beach week excitement centered around the memories and nostalgia of the ocean, sand, and seashells but the reality for Atticus and his cousins during that week was a discovery of much more.

*Splashing in the mini pool and spraying the water hose is much more refreshing than getting knocked down by the waves.
*The beach breeze really can blow the bubbles for you.
*Grammy is a brilliant and engaging lady.
*Yesterday’s cold pool water dumped on you is the best form of a morning shower.
*You just have to get used to my Mommy sticking the darn camera in your face.
*Puppet shows don’t need any stinkin’ rehearsals. Just be cute and laugh.
*And lastly and most importantly, your cousins can be some of your closest friends.

Photos by Sophorn.


  1. Love these...especially the one of the boys under the deck with the swimming pool being emptied onto them!

  2. Thanks Kandy. It was such a fun week.


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