Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Get to Know Each Other

I’ve probably heard about you for years, passed you many times, and glanced at you a time or two, but I think it’s time to finally get to know each other. Frank’s, yes, I certainly mean you but I also mean the sweet people I know only in passing or in exchanging emails or through twitter. After the great cross interview/food review with Thomas of Eat Local Memphis, I recently extended to my new blogger friend Andrea of Style Junkie the idea of choosing a restaurant that I should try and photograph as we discuss in person our future collaborations – the way the experience of eating good food should be - with someone. It may not be an original take on future food “reviews” on this blog but I’ll certainly enjoy doing it much more with some great company.

Photo of Frank's Deli, corner of S. Main and Vance by Sophorn. Hopefully a review to come soon once I actually go inside.


Katie Benjamin said...

This sounds like the beginning of a great blog series. And oh, how I love Frank's! If you haven't been yet, find an excuse to try the cilantro lime dressing.

Chip Chockley said...

Frank's is one of my favorite downtown lunch spots. Best club sandwich in town, hands down. They don't use the processed deli meat that everyone else uses-- they have a real ham, a real chicken, real turkey, and just hack off pieces to make sandwiches. Lots of things are smoked there too-- they have an on-site smoker.

Sophorn said...

Katie, you're exactly one of the sweet people I was referring to. Let's do lunch sometime.

Sophorn said...

Yum. I'm reserving my next Frank's Deli visit with Dirk but when and where shall we test out your food lighting?

Katie Benjamin said...

Awww, I'm honored. That sounds great.

Andrea Fenise said...

We so could've went to Frank's. It is definitely one of my favorite "quick bites" Turkey Sandwich is to die for.

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