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Miracle Strip at Pier Park { Panama City Beach / Part 2 }

When Christopher's mom described the beach house location next to Pier Park as a perk, we didn't realize it was an immense development of great shops, restaurants, a movie theatre, and a mini carnival. We strategically went toward the end of the beach week knowing Atticus and his cousins would ask to go again and again.

Photos by Sophorn. More photos {my favorites} yet to come.


  1. Sophorn, You have an amazing eye, gift, talent, whatever you want to call it. These made my day. You captured each moment perfectly. Keep up the fabulous work!!

  2. These are excellent photos. We would love to use some of them for our website...with your permission. You can contact us at info@miracle-stirp.com.

    Teddy Meeks
    Miracle Strip @ Pier Park


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