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Meet Mayor A.C. Wharton / Mayor of Memphis

Meet Mayor AC Wharton - AIATN2011 from Justin Thompson on Vimeo.

Click above to play the video responses to my interview with Mayor A.C. Wharton to promote Memphis, the host city for this year's AIA Tennessee convention. Over fifteen minutes of mostly fun chatter were edited down to a more focused look into the Mayor's view of the city, impressive because of his understanding of architecture. He spoke about the role of architecture much like architect and convention speaker Brian Mackay-Lyons spoke about fabric architecture healing the city, an often overlooked but important role. / I literally only had 30 seconds to take a "behind the scenes" photo of the Mayor as he prepared to step right into another interview with Fox13. He speaks tomorrow at 8am at the convention welcoming over 400 architects to Memphis. Thanks so much to the Mayor, Kerry Hayes, and Justin Thompson for making this interview happen.  

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